Person, corporate or other entity real time database locators for social security numbers, new addresses, new assets, professional licenses, drivers licenses, criminal records, civil judgments, ownership of boats, planes, automobiles, motorcycles and all other personal and real property utilizing the latest federal, state, and local law enforcement search databases, and tools legally permissible, for use in service of process, writs, warrants, and executions in civil, and criminal matters available today.

You define the subjects or issues you want researched and the jurisdictions from which you need authority. You may choose to have that information delivered to you, by simply delivering the authority to you–briefly summarized, or be provided a detailed report of the research, be it statutes, regulations, cases, asset searches, skip tracing, defendant, target, or subject location, new utility connections, current addresses, land-line telephone numbers,cell phone numbers and carriers, email addresses and websites, professional licenses, social security numbers, vehicle Identification numbers, registration and tag numbers and current owners, known associates, business relations and neighbors, or witness location.